Your Guide To Healing Cancer

A strategic approach to creating extraordinary outcomes

- On demand, recorded, 4 part workshop series -

4 video workshops over 4 emails over 4 days

The ultimate 4 part series delivered direct to your inbox in an ONLINE format that guides you through the cancer journey and explores what it takes to create truly extraordinary outcomes.

Discover the comprehensive, holistic, metabolic approach to cancer care that Eddie has developed as a result of the culmination of all of his personal experiences as a 3 TIME CANCER SURVIVIOR, as well as his professional experience working with hundreds of cancer patients over the last 15 years in clinical practice and some of the best teachers and mentors on the planet. His approach delivers everything you need to be supported on your healing journey towards extraordinary outcomes.

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For some time now, I’ve seen the overwhelming need for a comprehensive cancer support workshop but I’ve been unable to find anything out there that supports cancer patients to the level I believe they need.

This is why I created the Your Hero's Cancer Support ONLINE Workshop Series.

Imagine how your journey with cancer could change if you felt confident and supported in your approach and you:

  • Understood the language your oncologist was speaking to you and you could effectively communicate with them on important treatment decisions for your cancer care
  • Could sift through all the fluff out there on the internet and understand what evidence based options you have to choose from to compliment your modern oncology treatment protocols
  • Understand how to gain agency over your cancer journey and surround yourself with a team of professionals to help you create the best possible outcome for your health
  • Could effectively manage cancer anxiety (can-xiety) and smooth out the roller coaster of emotions the cancer journey often creates
  • Develop the mindset of survivors and sur-thrivers and learn from others that have tread the path to successful outcomes before you
  • Understood what it takes to create extraordinary outcomes and what elements you can introduce into your approach to create an environment optimal for healing
  • Introduce simply yet highly effective dietary and lifestyle interventions that don't interfere with modern oncology treatments but reduce side effects of the treatments you may be on and enhance cancer outcomes
  • Could manage your nervous system with powerful mind-body and lifestyle interventions to effectively decrease the impact stress is having on your health and healing
  • Found meaning and purpose within your diagnosis which helped you to develop a healthy relationship to your circumstances taking some of the stress out of your journey and help your mindset stay positive
  • Understand what all the blood tests and different types of scans mean and how to understand if your are REALLY CANCER FREE when you are told you are in remission
  • How to target the more resistant cancer-like-stem cells to ensure a successful outcome first time, and minimise the chance of a relapse
  • How to create a comprehensive, holistic, integrative and metabolic approach to compliment your modern oncological care to not be average Joe or Jane, and create your own statistics that gets your oncologist asking YOU what you are doing

If reading the above leaves you saying "HECK YES!!", then it's time for you to join the ONLINE "Your Hero's Journey Cancer Support Workshop Series". Lets get your approach to your cancer care as effective as possible and start creating your extraordinary outcome TODAY!

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    Your Hero's Journey Cancer Support Workshop Series

    After going through the workshop series you will have the knowledge and skills to confidently develop your own comprehensive approach to your cancer care helping YOU to create YOUR extraordinary outcome


    Learn direct from a 3 TIME CANCER SURVIVOR what it takes to create the optimal environment for healing. Follow what the most progressive health professionals around the world are doing to approach the care of their patients.

    It only take one person to prove that its possible. I they can do it, that means you can too. You just need the strategy




    Build the foundation

    This workshop we explore our mindset towards what's ahead on our journey and how to create our own statistics for our health. We also explore how to surround ourself with the right people to form our core healing team and what each persons role is on this team


    The strategy

    In this workshop we take a look at what we can learn from others and the emerging approach in integrative oncology. We discuss the press-pulse strategy and how to make sure your approach is synergistic as well as how to metabolically starve cancer and the factors required to create the optimal environment to get well within


    The elements

    This workshop is a juicy one. We take a look at the various elements we can introduce to our oncology protocol from nutritional strategies, to breathwork practices, epigenetic medicine, sleep and movement, optimising our immune system and social support and mindset. We also spend some time developing our non-negotiable-daily-self-care-routine. If nothing changes.... nothing changes...


    The deeper journey

    This workshop shifts gears and delves down away from what is wrong with us and what we need to introduce into our approach and into WHY we became unwell and the factors around this such as understanding the role of stress in health, happiness and healing, and how to build resilience into our nervous system, We take a look at trauma and its impact on our connection to Self and the psychological aspects of the cancer prone personality type (Yep, there's a type of person that gets cancer). We also explore cancer-anxiety as well as finding meaning and purpose in our health struggle. I finish it out with lessons from a 3 time cancer survivor and share how I was blessed by my dance with cancer and what I have personally learnt from that dance, as well as counselling hundreds of people with cancer.



    Plus these bonus 4 eBooks...

    In my bonus guide to integrative oncology you’ll see how you can improve your odds by working with a team of professionals, including your oncologist, that are collaborating to form a comprehensive, individualised plan of action specifically designed to ensure the best possible outcome for YOU.

    A diagnosis of cancer is one of the most terrifying and overwhelming experiences one can go through. The doctor-patient relationship is a powerful aspect of healing. I wrote this eBook especially for people like your who find themself facing cancer. This eBook guides you as to how to effectively communicate with your oncologist about your cancer-care. I hope you find it helpful.

    It's amazing how many people don't even do these basics and wonder why their body fails them. The aim with the basics is consistent daily incorporation into your life. Its consistent good choices over the long term that the body will reward you for. This eBook takes your through 5 key areas that are "high return on investment" for your health, happiness and healing.

    Methionine restriction is a powerful approach that helps to pre-treat your cancer cells by slowing their growth as well as dropping their anti-oxidant defences, making them more vulnerable to treatment. This eBook outlines the history of the approach and how to cycle the diet from phases of low methionine to high methionine. The key with this approach is timing the phases with your oncology regime and the supplements.


    And just who will be guiding you through the ONLINE Your Hero's Journey Cancer Support Workshop Series?

    Me, I'm Eddie Enever

    I'm passionate about living a life full of meaning and purpose by authentically relating and sharing my knowledge with those who are inspired to experience healing, greater happiness and wellbeing in their lives.

    I've had his fair share of ups and downs in my life. I've battled with cancer and survived not once, but three times, struggled with anxiety and depression, experienced a marriage break up, and financial demise. I not only survived but now thrive living a life full of deep connection, meaning and purpose.

    My personal mission is to raise awareness about the impact that stress can have on all aspects of our lives. I'm committed to educating and empowering individuals and their families with skills to understand and overcome the effects of stress and trauma, so they can experience their fullest potential.

    As an experienced Naturopath, my special area of interest is in cancer and chronic disease coaching. I'm also a somatic based psychotherapist and I teach meditation and breathwork and founded NSRT (Nervous System Resilience Training) where I share tools to deal with stress and build nervous system resilience, helping my clients understand their body and nervous system through a polyvagal and trauma informed lens.

    After working with thousands of clients in my role as a health professional, I has developed a unique way of seeing past the facades, drawing out blockages, perceptions and limiting belief systems and empowering my patients to discover their own unique gifts, talents, and power to change their lives.